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As most of you may know I am a licensed Esthetician in the state of NJ. An Esthetician (AKA Aesthetician) is "a person with special training in administering facials, aromatherapy, hair and skin care, makeup, etc." as defined by This was the natural route for me to go considering I was already obsessed with skin care and a makeup artist. It's amazing how much you find out once you study. I have a lot of DIY's on here that I can say I now sort of disagree with. Misinformation and lack of knowledge is so big in the beauty world. I see things so differently now. I would never in a million years recommend anyone give someone else skin care advice if you haven't taken at least an Esthetician course.

So this leads me to my next thing. I know some people have asked me questions that you may be having as well. I get asked all kinds of advice all the time on my social media pages and also by my clients I see daily at the spa I work for. So here are my most recently asked questions. Also, this will now be a regular part of my blog so ask away! :)

Q: Reducing pore size after 30!?
A: First and foremost I want to address what I see as misleading products. Tons of makeup and skin care companies make products that they claim will make your pores go away, close up, etc. That is simply not true. Pores DO NOT have a muscle to open and close so therefore they cannot open and close with any magic potion, cold water, primer, etc. What you can do is rejuvenate the skin through treatments such as Microdermabrasion and mild chemical peels such as Glycolic or Salycylic. As well as maintain a healthy skin care regimen to prevent the pore being plugged with hardened oil and dirt/debris. In short, the way this works is Microdermabrasion gently peels the outermost layer of the skin, the suction that follows pulls the oils and dirt out, then the body begins to boost it's collagen production. That creates the look of more plump healthy looking skin that is tight and youthful in appearance, thus the pores look smaller. Mild chemical peels do a similar job. Salycylic peels are awesome if you have acne prone/clogged/congested skin because it acts like "Drano" for the pores getting in there deep and flushing out that "gunk". Either way you decide to go, make sure you use proper home aftercare and get a good regimen started that includes an SPF of at least 30. SPF is critical everyday but especially so after a peel or microderm because that new fresh skin is so susceptible to the elements!

Q: Why is it that every time I use face wash (and I have tried almost all of them), that I break out horribly, but if I don't wash my face and just rinse with only water, my face stays clean and clear?
A: I am willing to bet that the face washes you choose are not appropriate for your skin type. If you use something that is too harsh or to drying that can cause a reaction because you are stripping the necessary lipids from your skin. Ingredients that you are allergic to cause reactions also. Face washes that are too fragrant can also cause reactions. And the list goes on. As far as just washing with water and being ok, I cannot agree with that. The dirt, oil, and debris has got to be cleansed away. Not to mention a weekly or bi weekly exfoliation. I am willing to bet that under a lamp I could get tons of sebum and congestion out of your skin. Here is what I would recommend. Get to a good esthetician, find out your skin type, have her set you on a regimen of a good cleanser and moisturizer with spf to start with. Try that for 30-90 days and watch your skin look healthier, more clear, and more radiant than it ever has! :)  

Q: Is it true tooth paste help with pimples/zits?
A: No no no and NNNOOOOOO!!! Toothpaste is made for your teeth not your face! This is so bad for you and let me tell you why. First of all the ingredients are not made to treat skin, they are made for your teeth! That's hard enamel! Not soft facial skin! Like take the whitening toothpastes for example, that stuff is strong and contains harsh chemicals. Do you want to one day wake up with a white spot where that pimple used to be? I don't think so. All these pastes will do is irritate the skin, cause redness, and maybe even make your skin peel which can lead to scarring, infections, etc. So no toothpaste should not be used on a pimple. Spot treating with a product that contains tea tree oil and/or salycylic acid is your best bet. I use Clarity Rx ClearZit On the Spot Blemish Control. It dries it up and treats the spot so I don't end up with scarring or anything weird. 

There you have it loves. The beginning of my Skin Care and Makeup Q&A's that will soon follow. If you have any questions leave them in the comments below or send them to me on any of my social media....
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