Guess Who's Back?! First Post In A Year! Let's Get Personal...

It's funny that after almost a year I am back to this blog. So much has changed and so many things have happened. But overall I am at a much happier and peaceful time in my life. I never got personal with my blog and it was always all about the beauty and the fashion but I think it's time I break that mold and delve deeper.

In the past year I have graduated Esthetician school, started working at an amazing salon in my state, and got 100 times better at how I do makeup. I have also faced one of the most heart-wrenching moments of my life. The birth and loss of my son at 20 weeks. It has been the most difficult thing I have ever faced in my life. But that brings me to today and why I am posting such a personal post. I want readers to be able to understand that the thing that has brought me back with a renewed passion is just that, Passion! I am passionate about the beauty world.

Everything from skincare to makeup makes me beyond happy. And with everything I have been through, I need that happiness in my life. I need you, my readers, to know and understand that when I make a post this time around, that I am giving you a piece of my heart. Something that truly makes me joyful. I want you to be a part of all this wonderfulness that makes me smile with glee. Material things should never make you feel like you NEED them, but rather you WANT them.

I'm not saying without makeup I am unhappy or hate myself or life, because that would just be ridiculous. It's just that beauty gives me this zen and umph for life! To see women look their best, feel their best, and just love themselves....Ahhh that just makes my heart soar!!! So look forward to a ton of new posts, reviews, blurbs and blahs from me!

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤


Sik Glam said...

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. My heart hurts for you. But I am so happy to feel and hear the happiness that is coming out of this Blog. I wish you nothing but the Best and look forward to many more to read..:)

Angel Lee said...

@Sik Glam Thank you love!

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