Crease Blending Brushes I Bet You Never Heard Of Until Now!

When it comes to blending/crease brushes their are about 116516303065 choices! Most people use a Sigma E40  or a MAC 217 Brush. I can honestly say out of all the brushes I own I have never gotten my hands on these two. With that being said I cannot talk about how these may work BUT I can talk about two of my highly underrated and unspoken of blending brushes.

First is the Aveda Flax Sticks #6 Eye Contour Brush. It is densely packed, 100% taklon fiber, and blends like a dream! The density of the brush really packs the color into the crease area and prevents fallout. The tapered design helps to blend out any harsh edges. I mainly use this one when I want a ton of color in the crease, like for a dramatic look.

Part of this set: HERE

Second is from Crown Brush Studio line. It's called the C139 Tapered Crease Brush. This has got to be my favorite crease blending brush ever! It's tapered to a nice point that isn't small but not too thick either. The tip deposits color in the crease, while the tapered bristles blend out the shadows perfectly! I use this brush daily no matter what the look is that I am going for. Oh and this brush is currently on sale for $1.53!!!!! Hello??!!! It works and it's cheap! This is a no-brainer!

Get this: HERE

Hope this was helpful and if any of you use these brushes leave me a comment below letting me know your opinions. 

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤


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