~ The Fashionable Way To Transport Your Shoes

So you have to carry an extra pair of shoes for work, the gym, etc. But who likes stuffing shoes in their purse or even worse...a plastic bag?? UGLY! So check out Shusling!

Shüsling (pronounced shoes-ling) was founded by two friends in NYC who had an idea to create a light and versatile bag to transport footwear in a fashionable way. It's cute, it's compact, it's versatile, and it's simple!

Check out my Shusling below:

Yes my sheets are leopard print lol. I am OBSESSED with it! Now if only Shusling comes out with a leopard print version! OMG! I would go crazy! LOL. 

You can get Shusling here:

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤


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