No More Fad Diets! A Practical Guide To Weight Loss For Curvy or Obese Women.

Fat Girl Truths: Practical Weight Loss Advice for Overweight and Obese Curvy Women is a book written by the talented Jamie Anderson. Unlike most weight loss advisers she has been through the struggle of being overweight and even obese. Most diets these days are simply fad diets to lose 10-20 pounds and were designed for the supposed "average woman". Now I don't know about all my readers, but I know some like me, struggle to lose alot more than just 20 pounds! For those of you who are very curvy with larger busts and butts you know what I mean. For the one's like me, who's problem area is the tummy, I hear you and Jamie does too! Jamie shows how to lose the weight and become healthier and how she did it all the hard way; changing habits and exercise. She looked into the science and psychology behind not only losing weight but why we gain! She used this knowledge and mixed it with her story to bring you practical advice on how to start, stay motivated and life hacks on how to get to a healthy weight and maintain!

She offers realistic sound advice from things she has done herself. She doesn't offer false promises of it being easy or working overnight. Nope! She tells the ugly truth of just how hard it can be and how it is ISN'T impossible. She invites you to start a journey with her and read about the journey she took to become much more healthy. Not only does she offer her advice but also has links to helpful resources and even ways to contact her for one on one advice for your individual needs! She is uplifting to women of bigger bones and shows that we can support, encourage and motivate each other to change and maintain a healthier lifestyle. 

So ladies, I invite you to join me on my journey using Jamie Anderson's book as my "healthy life changing bible", and see just how far we can go. I know my personal goal is to lose about 65 pounds. What is yours?

Make sure you get this book now! It's only .99 cents for the Kindle edition currently, but will be going up to $2.99 next month with a print version at $6.99 available soon. And if you get a chance to speak with Jamie, let me tell you she is an absolute doll. So sweet and helpful. You can truly tell her helping other women with her same struggle is her passion. Love her for that! 

Happy Healthier Lifestyle! 

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤


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