Makeup Mannequins - Featuring FaceArtistPro.Com

Have you ever wanted to practice a new makeup look but had no one to practice on? Or how about wanting to try a bunch of looks and didn't feel like putting all that on your face and having to keep wiping it off? Well I suggest you try a makeup mannequin. Wiping away at your skin or someone else's skin over and over as you practice can cause some serious irritation and aggravation. Not to mention it's really annoying. So why not use an object that can dupe the look and feel of a face. Plus, it won't talk back and can sit still (my 2 biggest pet peeves) LOL! sells a few different versions of the makeup mannequins and offers bundle packages including makeup too! The prices range from $64.99 to $329.99 to suit all budgets. So check them out whether you are a professional MUA or just someone who loves to play with new makeup looks.

As always make sure to let me know in the comments if you have ever tried them out and how was your experience.

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Vicki Luxford said...

How do i get makeup practice mannequin that washes makeup off easily. I dont need makeup just the head masks and clamp or tripod

Vicki Luxford said...

Please contact me at

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