Makeup Mannequins - Featuring FaceArtistPro.Com

Have you ever wanted to practice a new makeup look but had no one to practice on? Or how about wanting to try a bunch of looks and didn't feel like putting all that on your face and having to keep wiping it off? Well I suggest you try a makeup mannequin. Wiping away at your skin or someone else's skin over and over as you practice can cause some serious irritation and aggravation. Not to mention it's really annoying. So why not use an object that can dupe the look and feel of a face. Plus, it won't talk back and can sit still (my 2 biggest pet peeves) LOL! sells a few different versions of the makeup mannequins and offers bundle packages including makeup too! The prices range from $64.99 to $329.99 to suit all budgets. So check them out whether you are a professional MUA or just someone who loves to play with new makeup looks.

As always make sure to let me know in the comments if you have ever tried them out and how was your experience.

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤

No More Fad Diets! A Practical Guide To Weight Loss For Curvy or Obese Women.

Fat Girl Truths: Practical Weight Loss Advice for Overweight and Obese Curvy Women is a book written by the talented Jamie Anderson. Unlike most weight loss advisers she has been through the struggle of being overweight and even obese. Most diets these days are simply fad diets to lose 10-20 pounds and were designed for the supposed "average woman". Now I don't know about all my readers, but I know some like me, struggle to lose alot more than just 20 pounds! For those of you who are very curvy with larger busts and butts you know what I mean. For the one's like me, who's problem area is the tummy, I hear you and Jamie does too! Jamie shows how to lose the weight and become healthier and how she did it all the hard way; changing habits and exercise. She looked into the science and psychology behind not only losing weight but why we gain! She used this knowledge and mixed it with her story to bring you practical advice on how to start, stay motivated and life hacks on how to get to a healthy weight and maintain!

She offers realistic sound advice from things she has done herself. She doesn't offer false promises of it being easy or working overnight. Nope! She tells the ugly truth of just how hard it can be and how it is ISN'T impossible. She invites you to start a journey with her and read about the journey she took to become much more healthy. Not only does she offer her advice but also has links to helpful resources and even ways to contact her for one on one advice for your individual needs! She is uplifting to women of bigger bones and shows that we can support, encourage and motivate each other to change and maintain a healthier lifestyle. 

So ladies, I invite you to join me on my journey using Jamie Anderson's book as my "healthy life changing bible", and see just how far we can go. I know my personal goal is to lose about 65 pounds. What is yours?

Make sure you get this book now! It's only .99 cents for the Kindle edition currently, but will be going up to $2.99 next month with a print version at $6.99 available soon. And if you get a chance to speak with Jamie, let me tell you she is an absolute doll. So sweet and helpful. You can truly tell her helping other women with her same struggle is her passion. Love her for that! 

Happy Healthier Lifestyle! 

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤

Gorgeous Fashion Finds For Cheap by RebelRebel

Bringing you all another great online shop find. RebelRebel sells super affordable womens clothing out of the UK. They also sell accessories like jewelry, bags, belts, etc.

Check out some of my favorites:

Can you believe all these gorgeous clothes in the pics are all under $25!!! I officially have found my new obsession! You can shop all kinds of looks and not break your budget. I think I filled my cart with at least over 10 outfits so far! 

Not to mention the "jersey dresses" style trend in back in for this spring and they carry a few different versions of them. Loving this online store and I think you all need to check it out ASAP!!  You won't be disappointed trust me. Also check them out on Facebook: for a 10% off coupon code. 

Happy Shopping!

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box & Why I Fell In Love At First Box!!

Before I gush about my obsession, let me give you a little background on Vegan Cuts. Vegan Cuts is a network of tempeh-loving, smoothie-drinking vegans coordinated by John and Jill, a vegan couple who see veganism as a way to live a life of abundance while making choices that show compassion towards all living creatures. The Vegan Cuts team spend their days scouring the interwebs, festivals, and stores for the very best vegan clothing, shoes, accessories, body care products and everyday items. They’re not selfish people, though, so they share their finds with you.

I received my first box last month and instantly fell in love with the many brands I tried. While I am not vegan I definitely appreciate and enjoy using vegan beauty products. I took photos of each product and will let you know what I thought of each one.

*Birthed By Earth Soy Candle: Smells soooo yummy! I have not had a chance to burn it just yet, but I love soy candles so I'm sure I will love this one.
*Yarok Styling Whip: Very thick. A little goes a long way with this. I really liked the texture it gave my hair. Almost like a "second day hair" type of feeling.
*Greenbody Natural Scent Tea Tree & Rosemary Deodorant: I wish I could say I loved this more than I did, but I can't :( For me unfortunately I have yet to find an all natural deodorant I truly love. I have tried many brands but they never seem to hold up. The smell is pleasant on this one though, and if you are a fan of natural deodorants then I think you would like this one. 
*Chandler Farm Cranberry & Mandarin Hand Creme: Smooth, silky, and smells so good you will want to eat it! I fell in love the first time I tried this. I am almost all out because I have been slathering it on. 

*Medusa Makeup Lipstick in shade Baroque: Creamy, very soft and moisturizing. A little more sheer than I like but that's just me. This gave a nice amount of pigmentation without being too bold. I really loved the smooth moisturizing texture the most.
*Molly Rose Mint Truffle Lip Balm: This should come with a warning will try to eat your own lips! It smells amazing, it tastes amazing, and it moisturizes amazingly! It is one of those longer lasting balms too. I put this on and hours later still feel protected. I can honestly say this was one of the best lip balms I have ever come across in my life! is their website. It's 19.95 per month and you get 4-7 products that are 100% cruelty free, mostly all organic and all natural. Shipping is free and you can cancel anytime! Not to mention their customer care is A+++ in my book :)

Vegan Cuts

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤ ~ Servicing Pro & Non-Pro Artists

Pro makeup artists pretty much know where to find all their goods right? But what about the ladies who are makeup enthusiasts or a beginner MUA? Well from beginner to pro and everyone in between, has everything you will need. They carry the latest in Makeup Cases (all sizes), Pro & Travel Train Cases, Beauty Tools and TONS more!

I'm like a kid in a candy store on their site. I just want it ALL! The prices are amazing so I definitely stock up when I shop them. Check out some of what they offer.....

This is just the basics. They also sell: makeup artist supplies (mixing palettes, clear bags, bottles, etc), makeup kits/palettes, false eyelashes, & even portable makeup chairs. The site has way to many products for me to even begin to name so just check them out ASAP because they are currently offering 10% off!!

Twitter: @MakeupFourEver

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤

French Beauty Secret From The 1600's!

I was doing what I do best...."Googling"!!!.....and came across a very old French beauty recipe that claims to give silky soft buttery skin. It's a rather easy homemade recipe too!

You will need: 
4 oz's Almond Oil
3 oz's Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 oz Shaved Beeswax
2 Tbsp Onion Juice (yes juice from an onion my dears)
10 drops of Vanilla Essential Oil

To Make & Use:
* Combine the oils and wax into a pan (one you don't mind not using again except for cosmetic DIY's), and heat over a low temperature until the wax melts. Or another option is to put the oils and wax into a glass jar and place into a pot that has less than an inch of boiling water so as the heat from the water will heat the glass and melt the wax.
* Then as you constantly stir, mix in the onion juice and vanilla essential oil. MAKE SURE TO KEEP STIRING! The onion juice will lump up if you don't.
* Remove all ingredients from heat and place in a container to cool.
* At bedtime take the creamy mixture and apply on feet, hands, face, neck, arms, etc. Let sit on the skin overnight. In the morning wash off using a cleanser followed by a toner and face cream for face and a moisturizer for body. 

If you decide to try this, let me know in the comments below how your experience was. I definitely plan on making it this weekend. I will keep you all posted.

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤

Messy Makeup Bag? No Way! Beauty Butler Is Your Solution!

The dreaded makeup bag...**cue horror music** LOL. Well ladies I know if you are anything like me, your makeup bag is a cluttered mess. Searching for something as simple as a gloss becomes an irritating situation really fast. I wanted to find something that would help me organize yet be portable (not too bulky) and secure. So my search led me to the awesome Beauty Butler. Their site has the cutest demo video too! While it's exaggerated (obviously), it is how I think we all feel when searching in our bags. Make sure before you do anything that you watch that video, I guarantee you that you have felt that way 100's of times.   

Another really cute thing is since it is fully customizable you can make custom palettes for different occasions like a day palette for work and a night palette for play :) They have 2 sizes and 2 colors available for you to choose from. Visit Beauty Butler's website: and tell me what you think. If you currently own one what's your take on it? Comment below. 

As always love, hugs, and kisses!

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤
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