Hello Kitty....

Nope not that Kitty.....Say hello to the gorgeous alternative model Karma Kitty Mariko! She is amazing. Her photos are gorgeous and you won't believe how versatile her looks are. Check out some of her photos below and see why this alternative model is beyond your average inked girl!

Modeling since the age of 14, after graduating, an international modeling academy, Karma Kitty (now 22) was born and raised in NYC. Her unique look is a result of her Japanese and Norwegian ethnic background. Although she has been trained as a petite high fashion model, she has many tattoos and facial piercings giving her an alternative appearance with the skill and mindset of a professional fit model. She has earned multiple publications and has continuous fashion show/runway experience with local and international designers . Karma Kitty has worked some of the biggest alternative events in NYC, including Urban Ink Magazine’s 2013 Urban Tattoo Convention.

Karma Kitty Mariko can be found on:
Instagram: @KarmaKittyModel 
Twitter: @KarmaModel

Check her out and tell her Angel Lee told you about her <3 

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤


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