Pink Chevron Striped Makeup Brushes ~ Super Cute & Affordable!

Makeup brushes come in all colors and designs these days. I am a fan of everything from the basic black ones to the colorful sparkly ones. The prices can get a little outrageous with the cuter ones though. I know you get what you pay for but sometimes (most times now a days) you really don't. So check out these good quality, affordably priced, super cute, pink chevron striped makeup brushes from Altair Beauty!

The entire set of 15 brushes plus makeup bag is $29.99! They are Synthetic Hair, which makes them Vegan-Friendly and the handles are wood. I found them for purchase here: and to learn more about them go here:

I am in love with the design of these and from what I have read on Amazon, everyone is giving them 5 star reviews! So who's going to be checking these out with me? If you do (which you should at this great price!) then let me know in the comments below.  

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤


emanicosmetics said...

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emanicosmetics said...

Makeup brushes perform a variety of different tasks, so depending on your normal makeup regime, you might only need one or two (then again, you may be perfectly happy with plastic applicators). Therefore, whether you are looking for something specific or a would like whole set to get yourself covered is up to you.
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