A Post For My Gentlemen ~ Lakehead & Woodland Shaving Oil Club

Gentlemen have you ever shaved with a shaving oil before? If not, then you have no idea what you are missing. As much as you nick, cut, and razor burn your skin, you need to look into a smoother and less stressful way to shave. Shaving oils are amazing because you can see where you are going with that blade, you get a softer and smoother outcome, and your skin feels amazing after! If you still prefer the foam or gel method, that's cool too, because with oil you can smooth it on before you shave. It will still give great results!

A company called Lakehead & Woodland created a shaving club where every 2 months you receive an oil that uses organic essential oils with antibacterial, fragrant and soothing qualities. The organic oils ensure you get the purest shave. Every 2 months you receive a concoction made with seasonal essential oils selected to tame the thickest facial hair. They find, mix and test the best essential oils to make sure you are fresh, clean and satisfied. Their first oil, pictured above, is called "Winter Bergamot". Shaving Oil Club delivers you one 1/2 oz bottle every two months. That is plenty even if you shave daily.


Subscribe with an ongoing bi-monthly (one delivery and charge every two months) plan at $19 per two months. Or save and subscribe for a full year at $99. And ladies if you are reading this, this would make a great gift for hubby!

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤


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