Wonders, Questions, Inquisitions...Advice From Angel Lee On Relationships, Sex, Beauty, & Fashion!

I have been told on so many occasions that I need to write a book because I am just bursting with knowledge. I am honest, non-judgemental, and even give a little brutal truth when necessary. Above all I am an emotional nurturer at heart. I will take whatever you ask be it simple or complex and make sure you have a clear answer with pro's and con's to support what I am telling you. 

I've decided to add to my blog a "questions/advice" section. You can ask me absolutely anything and I will be posting the questions with my responses every few days. You can be 100% anonymous or I can put just your first name or a even nickname. The questions can be asked in the comments section if it's ok with you to ask publicly or you can e-mail me privately at angelleebeauty@yahoo.com and put "Question" as the subject title. 

Questions can be about: 
~ Relationships
~ Sex
~ Beauty (Makeup, skin care, home remedies, hair care, etc...)
~ Fashion
~ Off-Topic/Other

So loves, who is going to be my first? Don't be shy! Ask away!   

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤


Sik Glam said...

I dont have a question yet..but I like your idea....:)

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Hello Love! <3

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