Shiseido Crystallizing Cream Straightener & Neutralizer

Well girls I know many of you spend hours straightening your hair with either a flat iron or a blow dryer so here is something I came across that will keep your hair straight for 2-3 months! Imagine not having to straighten your hair for that long! It's a Professional Grade Japanese Hair Straightener called Shiseido Crystallizing Straight Treatment, it takes less than an hour to do, it comes in 3 strengths for various kinds of hair, and it costs $59.99. The link to buy it is

I have super curly hair which I love, but I have sooooo many friends, family, and readers who take forever straightening their hair daily so I have recommended they look into this. Figured I'd do a post on it and share it with everyone. Also, the site that sells it Bessia Global has a bunch of other great imported hair products/tools and the prices are pretty awesome! (Check out the Argan Oil price! I almost fell over! Josie Moran who??? LOL!)

Happy Straightening!

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤


Anonymous said...

This has us intrigued!!! Will have to look more into this product! Thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree that this product is amazing!

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