Mrs.LumberJack .... A Feminine Approach To Flannel Tops For Fall 2013 (Regular & Plus Size Options $50 & Under)

With the fall chill wrapping itself around us and the grunge look firmly planted in this seasons fashions, it's time to break out your inner Mrs.LumberJack! There are many girly/feminine options out there to choose from, here are just a few...

The first 2 styles above can be worn with a nice comfy sweater, classic or studded jean jacket, or even a nice fitted zip up hoody. 
The last style above is an ultra feminine spin on the "lumberjack" look! It just shows how you can pair this more masculine style with a sexy skirt and dress it up.  
Left: $19.20 at HERE
Middle: (Plus Size) $17.80 at HERE
Right: $24.80 at HERE

The first style above is something I could see paired with leggings and grungy ankle boots.
The last two styles I could see dressed up or down with skinnies and heeled ankle booties for just the right amount of feminine flare.
Left: $22.80 at HERE
Middle: $22.80 at HERE
Right: $22.80 at HERE

Left: $28.99 HERE
Middle: $18.60 HERE
Left: $24.99 HERE

Left: $49.95 HERE
Middle: $18.60 HERE
Left: $49.00 HERE

Left: $32.55 HERE
Middle: $18.60 HERE
Right: $32.55 HERE

Happy Fall & Happy Shopping "Mrs.LumberJack's"! 

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤


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