Mr Hyde Bow Classy Trendy .... My New Love!

Mr Hyde Bow only uses sophisticated and unique materials. Everything is handmade and points toward quality over quantity. All the pieces are one of a kind made with genuine leather.


Mr Hyde Bow's will make you stand out from the crowd with elegance and class, Instead of flashiness and trashiness.

Alex Vacca the Designer and founder of Mr Hyde Bow, moved to LA in 2005 from Italy where he was born and raised. He is a successful photographer with a passion for fashion. His love for fashion has led him to create bows for every age, gender & occasion. Alex's artistic style, has always been classy with an edge. He likes the elegance of the 50s mixed with edginess of contemporary art.

I find his pieces to be absolutely gorgeous and a hot trend setting style. 

Make sure to visit his site at!

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤


Alex Photography said...

Angel Lee we just launched a Kickstarter campaign and would love your support!

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Hello Love! <3

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