Crayola' s Got Nothing On This Girl...Crayon Lipstick By Shera P.

Have you ever looked at you or your kids box of crayons and thought woo that would make a FIERCE lipstick?! Well apparently Shera P. has and I love the idea! She makes lipsticks from crayons and sells them on, she can be found at . Her shop currently carries 7 shades, with more to come!

My 2 favorites have got to be Purple Princess ( and The Perfect Red ( They are so vibrant and gorgeous! Not to mention all of her crayon lipsticks are only $5!!! You guys know I am all about being a budget beauty so you can't beat that price!

Shera P. says she loves pretty things, pink things, pretty pouches full of lavendar potpourri, and more. Make sure you check her out because not only is she talented, she is such a cutie also!

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤


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