Shiseido Crystallizing Cream Straightener & Neutralizer

Well girls I know many of you spend hours straightening your hair with either a flat iron or a blow dryer so here is something I came across that will keep your hair straight for 2-3 months! Imagine not having to straighten your hair for that long! It's a Professional Grade Japanese Hair Straightener called Shiseido Crystallizing Straight Treatment, it takes less than an hour to do, it comes in 3 strengths for various kinds of hair, and it costs $59.99. The link to buy it is

I have super curly hair which I love, but I have sooooo many friends, family, and readers who take forever straightening their hair daily so I have recommended they look into this. Figured I'd do a post on it and share it with everyone. Also, the site that sells it Bessia Global has a bunch of other great imported hair products/tools and the prices are pretty awesome! (Check out the Argan Oil price! I almost fell over! Josie Moran who??? LOL!)

Happy Straightening!

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤

Fashion With An Attitude Problem...OverVogue

OverVogue is coming out with it's "OV Means Over" Designer T-Shirt Collection for men and women, and they gave me a sneak peek to its unveiling slated for December 2013! I want to share some of my favorite styles with you; my loves!

Women Favorites

Men Favorites

OverVogue will be launching a KickStarter campaign that is starting on November 10, 2013. I will be updating the post with that link as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime please support this amazing up and coming fashion line by visiting them at: and "LIKE" them on Facebook

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤

Mrs.LumberJack .... A Feminine Approach To Flannel Tops For Fall 2013 (Regular & Plus Size Options $50 & Under)

With the fall chill wrapping itself around us and the grunge look firmly planted in this seasons fashions, it's time to break out your inner Mrs.LumberJack! There are many girly/feminine options out there to choose from, here are just a few...

The first 2 styles above can be worn with a nice comfy sweater, classic or studded jean jacket, or even a nice fitted zip up hoody. 
The last style above is an ultra feminine spin on the "lumberjack" look! It just shows how you can pair this more masculine style with a sexy skirt and dress it up.  
Left: $19.20 at HERE
Middle: (Plus Size) $17.80 at HERE
Right: $24.80 at HERE

The first style above is something I could see paired with leggings and grungy ankle boots.
The last two styles I could see dressed up or down with skinnies and heeled ankle booties for just the right amount of feminine flare.
Left: $22.80 at HERE
Middle: $22.80 at HERE
Right: $22.80 at HERE

Left: $28.99 HERE
Middle: $18.60 HERE
Left: $24.99 HERE

Left: $49.95 HERE
Middle: $18.60 HERE
Left: $49.00 HERE

Left: $32.55 HERE
Middle: $18.60 HERE
Right: $32.55 HERE

Happy Fall & Happy Shopping "Mrs.LumberJack's"! 

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤

Ebony Vintage ~ Vintage Online UK Based Fashion Store

Ebony Vintage is a new vintage online UK based fashion store, offering vintage clothing & accessories with the strong emphasis on quality. If you're looking for this season's must have vintage handbags then Ebony Vintage is going to be your new favorite "go-to" site! Their site even convenitely features a Vintage Measurement Guide and Vintage Care Instructions. How awesome is that! So if you've wanted to get into vintage and are kind of a novice like me then this can be a HUGE help! 

Just look at some of the amazing things they currently have for sale! And the prices are great too! 

Click on their store logo below and check them out!

Also be sure to visit their Facebook at
to enter to win a lovely Stratton Beauty Compact, by quality British brand Stratton!

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤

Mr Hyde Bow Classy Trendy .... My New Love!

Mr Hyde Bow only uses sophisticated and unique materials. Everything is handmade and points toward quality over quantity. All the pieces are one of a kind made with genuine leather.


Mr Hyde Bow's will make you stand out from the crowd with elegance and class, Instead of flashiness and trashiness.

Alex Vacca the Designer and founder of Mr Hyde Bow, moved to LA in 2005 from Italy where he was born and raised. He is a successful photographer with a passion for fashion. His love for fashion has led him to create bows for every age, gender & occasion. Alex's artistic style, has always been classy with an edge. He likes the elegance of the 50s mixed with edginess of contemporary art.

I find his pieces to be absolutely gorgeous and a hot trend setting style. 

Make sure to visit his site at!

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤

Crayola' s Got Nothing On This Girl...Crayon Lipstick By Shera P.

Have you ever looked at you or your kids box of crayons and thought woo that would make a FIERCE lipstick?! Well apparently Shera P. has and I love the idea! She makes lipsticks from crayons and sells them on, she can be found at . Her shop currently carries 7 shades, with more to come!

My 2 favorites have got to be Purple Princess ( and The Perfect Red ( They are so vibrant and gorgeous! Not to mention all of her crayon lipsticks are only $5!!! You guys know I am all about being a budget beauty so you can't beat that price!

Shera P. says she loves pretty things, pink things, pretty pouches full of lavendar potpourri, and more. Make sure you check her out because not only is she talented, she is such a cutie also!

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤

Wonders, Questions, Inquisitions...Advice From Angel Lee On Relationships, Sex, Beauty, & Fashion!

I have been told on so many occasions that I need to write a book because I am just bursting with knowledge. I am honest, non-judgemental, and even give a little brutal truth when necessary. Above all I am an emotional nurturer at heart. I will take whatever you ask be it simple or complex and make sure you have a clear answer with pro's and con's to support what I am telling you. 

I've decided to add to my blog a "questions/advice" section. You can ask me absolutely anything and I will be posting the questions with my responses every few days. You can be 100% anonymous or I can put just your first name or a even nickname. The questions can be asked in the comments section if it's ok with you to ask publicly or you can e-mail me privately at and put "Question" as the subject title. 

Questions can be about: 
~ Relationships
~ Sex
~ Beauty (Makeup, skin care, home remedies, hair care, etc...)
~ Fashion
~ Off-Topic/Other

So loves, who is going to be my first? Don't be shy! Ask away!   

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤

SHOEGASM October 2013 Featuring Jeffrey Campbell

Last night I was on looking at all the sexiness that is Jeffrey Campbell shoes and woo talk about a SHOEGASM! Out of the hundred or so pair I wanted (Literally! LOL don't judge me hehehe), these were the ones I chose as my faves.

The HBIC Boot in Wheat Nubuck (Exclusive)  $248.00  HERE

The Lita Strap in Black and Silver  $310.00  HERE

The Lilith Shoe in Black Washed Leather and Silver (Exclusive)  $325.00  HERE  

The Bones ID Sneaker in Black Patent and Gold  Sale $190.95  HERE

The Lita Jewel in Ivory Suede and Clear  Sale $145.95  HERE

The Malice Shoe in Black Suede and Gold (Exclusive)  $118.00  HERE  

Ok so obviously I'm not going to go out and purchase all of them (well unless I hit the lotto), but a little "dream shoe window" shopping never hurt right?! 

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤  

Color Jeggings For Fall Under $12 !!!

I recently decided to get myself some new jeggings for the fall and winter since I live in leggings 24/7! Yes I am one of those girls people talk about who wears leggings like pants all the time no matter what. I could care less what anyone says, leggings are hands down the most comfortable and stylish thing in the world!

Anyway I was browsing online last week and came across some really cute jeggings at They are "Faded Glory Knit Color Jeggings", they come in 11 different colors/patterns and only cost $11.94!! I was all over that price and purchased them in Black Soot, Denim, Greystone, and Urban Camel. They are super comfy, thicker than leggings (perfect for fall), and have functional back pockets and belt loops. They are true to size. They have a ton of positive reviews so I'd say they are a good buy.

These are the 4 i got:

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤  

Fall Eye Makeup Inspirations (Picture Heavy Post)

*Disclaimer: None of these photos are my own. Any and all photos are sole property of the owners/creators. I found these photos randomly on the internet. If any of the below photos are yours please contact me and I will link/credit to you.

I can't wait to try all these looks! The golds, the plums, the rich emerald tones! Woo! It's a visual orgasm! LOL! 

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤  

How To Bring Your Favorite Summer Makeup Into Fall 2013!

With summer breaking up with us and fall slowly creeping in on a rebound mission, we say bye bye to our favorite summer makeup..... Or do we?

Who said summer makeup can leave us that easily? NOPE! Like a stage five clinger who ignores a restraining order, here's how to keep them both hooked and come out looking like a playa (woo woo!)

Top: Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids Lipcolor in "Electric Orange" $7.49 HERE
Bottom: Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids Lipcolor in "Hot Plum" $7.49 HERE

Top: Milani Baked Powder Blush in "Luminoso" $7.49 HERE
Middle: L'Oreal EverStyle Texture Series "Beach Waves Spray" $6.99 HERE
Bottom: Wet n Wild Color Icon Blusher in "Mellow Wine" $2.99 HERE

Top: Sleek Makeup I Divine in "Sunset" $9.99 HERE
1st Middle: Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette $27 HERE
2nd Middle: Sleek Makeup I Divine in "Vintage Romance" $9.99 HERE
Bottom: NYX Cosmetics Love In Paris Eye Shadow Palette in "Pardon My French" $10 HERE

Here's how to make sure everyone gets along and plays nicely:
Option #1 
Electric Orange on the lips, Luminoso on the cheeks and a little on the "highlight points" of the face, and then you have the options of either Sunset or Pardon My French for the eyes. Top it off by getting gorgeous summertime beachy waves with the Beachy Waves Spray.

Option #2
Hot Plum on the lips, Mellow Wine on the cheeks, a little Luminoso on the "highlight points" of the face, and then you have the options of Naked Basics for a softer neutral toned look or Vintage Romance to tie in some of those plum/berry shades. This option can also be topped off by using Beachy Waves Spray for gorgeous beachy waves. 

Remember loves this is just an outline of the possibilities you have with your favorite summer makeup products that can be used for fall. I'd love to see what you come up with. Feel free to e-mail me your looks and I will add it to this post! E-mail looks to

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤ Everything $15 or Less!! Accessories, Bags, and More!!

My Current Faves

Top: Silver Drop Wavy Earrings $6 HERE
Middle: High Heels Crystal Stud Earrings (Available in Silver & Gold) $8 HERE & HERE
Bottom: Multi-Chain Wrap Watch (Available in Pink & Taupe) $15 HERE & HERE

Top: Sway Rage Gold Necklace $12 HERE
Bottom: Bib Spike Necklace $15 HERE

Top: Gold Anchor Bracelet $6 HERE
Middle: Fall Trend Bracelet $8 HERE
Bottom: Wrap Medallion Bracelet (Available in Blue & White) $9 HERE & HERE

You can see more from this shop by visiting their website. It's Besides offering mainly accessories they have a section called the TheCloset, which are overstock items, tail end inventories, or discontinued displays offered at over 80% of retail! Plus everything in that section are name brands from major department stores!

Happy Shopping Loves!

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤

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