Jeffree Star Cosmetics "Transformer" Glitter Lipstick Coming Early 2014

I am more than sure that by now many of you know who Jefree Star is and if you don't where have you been?! Jeffree is a musician who is a wonderfully creative artist. His looks always leave me amazed! He is GORGEOUS! His is a true artist in every sense of the word. Check out some of his looks:

I'm jelly and I want a personal appointment with him like ASAP! Anyway the reason for my post is because I follow him on Tumblr ( and he posted a photo of his upcoming lipstick and announced its release is slated for early 2014! I mean look at this color! 

Check out that glittery duo-chrome style finish! Gorgee!!

Jeffree described it as: ...."the “transformer” shade.. an intense JEFFREE STAR COSMETICS glitter lipstick that can be worn by itself OR over any of my regular highly pigmented shades to change the color!...coming early 2014!" (source:

He even has a merch store full of amazing things from clothes and accessories to music and posters. Even a funny brutally honest condom package (LOL). Check out one of my fave shirts: 

Tell me what MUA or beauty guru wouldn't love to rock this!! 
$14.99 HERE

Jeffree can be found on:
Twitter: @JeffreeStar
IG: @JeffreeStar
Official Website:

Check him out and see why I love his sense of style, fashion, attitude, and beauty! And be on the lookout with me early 2014 for that GORGEOUS lipstick!

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤  


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