Jeffree Star Cosmetics "Transformer" Glitter Lipstick Coming Early 2014

I am more than sure that by now many of you know who Jefree Star is and if you don't where have you been?! Jeffree is a musician who is a wonderfully creative artist. His looks always leave me amazed! He is GORGEOUS! His is a true artist in every sense of the word. Check out some of his looks:

I'm jelly and I want a personal appointment with him like ASAP! Anyway the reason for my post is because I follow him on Tumblr ( and he posted a photo of his upcoming lipstick and announced its release is slated for early 2014! I mean look at this color! 

Check out that glittery duo-chrome style finish! Gorgee!!

Jeffree described it as: ...."the “transformer” shade.. an intense JEFFREE STAR COSMETICS glitter lipstick that can be worn by itself OR over any of my regular highly pigmented shades to change the color!...coming early 2014!" (source:

He even has a merch store full of amazing things from clothes and accessories to music and posters. Even a funny brutally honest condom package (LOL). Check out one of my fave shirts: 

Tell me what MUA or beauty guru wouldn't love to rock this!! 
$14.99 HERE

Jeffree can be found on:
Twitter: @JeffreeStar
IG: @JeffreeStar
Official Website:

Check him out and see why I love his sense of style, fashion, attitude, and beauty! And be on the lookout with me early 2014 for that GORGEOUS lipstick!

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤  

Valentino Flats Dupe! Get The Exact Look For Way Less!

 Valentino Noir Rockstud Cage Flats $895

Painted Shoes $29.99 (ON SALE NOW!) HERE

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MAC Pigment Samples For Less!

I think we all can agree that MAC is one of those cosmetic lines that we all LOVE! The prices are not that bad but I am one girl who loves drugstore prices so even though they are not ridiculously expensive like let's say NARS or YSL, they still cost a pretty penny. My mother works for Estee Lauder so I get a huge discount any time I visit their company store but most of the time it's older stuff.

I started researching online for stores that sell MAC at a discount and came across a few, one in particular I love because you can order the pigments in sample sizes. It's called Terrible Terra. I was following a lady on Youtube who purchases from this site often and she said it's a great way to build up a nice collection. Each sample contains a 1/4 Tsp and they have tons of colors and glitters. They sell plenty of other things besides MAC too. Check it out at, (That is the direct link to the MAC pigments section). 

Happy Shopping!

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤

Natural Vaginal Therapy? Some Below The Belt Vagina Talk. Be Cleaner, Fresher, & Healthier!

I grew up always being told douching is terrible for the vaginal ecosystem causing damage to natural vaginal PH and flora present. This can make way for odors, infection, and nasty discharge. If you currently use any of the drugstore douches, then STOP asap! And if you never have used one and are considering it, DON'T!
Take it from someone who only one time in her life used a douche and regretted it for weeks! It stung like hell because it was a medicated one I think, caused a urinary tract infection, and yeast infection. NOT A GOOD OUTCOME AT ALL! I swore I would never try a douche ever again until......
Over the past year I have been researching a product called Waterworks Natural Vaginal Therapy. It is not a typical "douche" in the sense that it does not push water into the vagina and upwards, instead it flows downward rinsing and cleansing. Watch this video and then you will see why I chose to finally buy it after a year of going back and forth in my head.  
I respect Dr. Berman's advice a lot and have been a fan for years! But even with her behind it I held off. It wasn't until about a little over a week ago that I was having a conversation with Hubby that this came about. I had been menstruating very lightly for over a week and a half which is normal for me since I don't get my period normal due to PCOS. Anyway, I was on my period for over a week and then waited a few days to become intimate. When we finished I saw blood. I will spare the details, but if you have ever had this happen to you then you know what I mean. About two days later hubby and I were talking and he asked me if I douche. I told him no because of all the horror stories I have heard, advice from my GYN, and the one terrible experience I had. He suggested that my not douching might be the reason for the left over blood. I began to give this some deep thought and remembered my research on the Waterworks system. I went back at it and watched the video above again and decided on purchasing it. It is now more than 50% off too which is an awesome bonus! I got it at Oh, and forgot to mention it's FDA cleared too. 
Fast forward to today, less than a week after ordering and I received it in the mail. I gave it my first try tonight when I showered and I must say I was impressed. Not difficult to set up, use, or clean. I can say that I feel fresher and cleaner after just one try! I am using the product for cleansing well after menstruation and after intimacy. Also, as women we all tend to have a certain feminine odor anyway, which is perfectly normal as long as it is not a foul odor. So I am not really using this to cure any odor issue, but I will keep attention to see if I have any odor changes as well. My goal is to cleanse daily with it for about two weeks and come back with an update. Wish me luck!  

Have any of you ladies used this product before? What was your experience? 

P.S. This is not a sponsored review. I bought this product with my own money and on my own decision. Waterworks has never contacted me nor are any of the opinions above at all related with them.

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤  

Wear Your Name Like An A-List Celeb! (Coupon Code Included)

Ok so maybe you won't be wearing your name like an A-list celeb, but you will look just as hot! I know mine got me tons of compliments and attention these past few days so I had to share the 411 asap! I ordered a bracelet a few weeks ago and look how cute it is!!!

It says Angel Lee with a heart dangling in between the two words. I ordered it from a company called My Best Club which is run from Canada. The price was awesome at just $9.99 for a custom made stainless steel bracelet.

I was so excited when I got it that I contacted the owner Pierre and asked him if I could feature his store on my blog. He agreed. So I pushed a little further and haggled him for a coupon code for my readers and guess what?!....HE AGREED! 15% off this bracelet and any other item in his shop when you use the code "AngelLeeBeauty2013a". DO NOT FORGET THE SMALL "a" AT THE END OR IT WON'T WORK! The link to get the bracelet is You can also browse the rest of his shop by clicking on the name "My Best Club" towards the top of the page. 

Thanks again for the discount Pierre! And thanks again to all my loves who stop by to peek into my world here at Angel Lee Beauty! Oh, and if you buy a bracelet, share it with me and I will post it as part of this post below. 

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤

Partner Massage? Yes Please!

Who doesn't love getting a nice soothing massage from their partner after a long stressful day? But let's face it getting one is awesome but giving one sucks! Your hands get all sore and crampy, you're never in a comfy position, and it can make you downright exhausted. Well not any more! I was contacted by a lady named Sue Vittner who has mastered the partner massage techniques and she made a video about it! She promises to help you easily massage your partner and get those knots out while adding intimacy to your relationship! Woo Woo! Sexy time! She is a 10 year professional in the massage therapy world so she knows her stuff! Her hundreds of testimonials prove just how effective her techniques are. I will be ordering this DVD for myself and the hubby ASAP! 

Check out her website and order her DVD today! She is offering a special price of just $27. 

Happy Sexy Time! :)

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤  

Live Virtual Beauty Assistant For Free? Yes It Exists & I Will Tell You Where...

Beauty assistants at counters are great, but the pressure to buy can be kind of off-putting for most of us. Also, what if you want an immediate beauty question answered for a date night or other special occasion? Are you gonna schlep to the mall or your local beauty counter? I don't know about you but I am simply too busy and lazy for that. Hehehe. It's true and sad I know, but hey in this day and age I want the ability to get answers fast without too much hassle. So check out my latest discovery........................

Here's what the site looks like. is the 1st online & independent platform to provide live makeover advice via chat with hair and makeup artists. You can even attach photos for a more personalized experience! I am in love with this concept and am siked to have come across such a gem! I mean there is no pressure to buy, no specific brand being represented, and it can be personalized specifically to you! The beauty assistants even provide you with the links on where to get what they have recommended for you! Check out the sample convo they have on their site....

How awesome is that?! They can even tell you what haircut would look best on you. So it's not just restricted to makeup. It's a whole beauty makeover! Love this site and cannot say enough about how jelly I am that I never thought of something like this. LOL!

Bookmark because you will be using it often trust me!

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤

Organic and Unrefined African Shea Butter Will Have You Addicted!

Have you tried African Shea Butter yet? Because if not you have no idea what you are missing! I started using it about a year ago raw from the jar and melted down in my homemade body butters. It is smooth, silky, and an amazing moisturizer! Better than any moisturizer I have ever tried! 

The benefits go on and on. Here's a few:
~Helps get rid of dark spots, blemishes, burns, stretch marks, and other skin disorders.
~Helps fight wrinkles, dry skin, and promote healthy smooth soft skin.
~Can be used on the scalp to provide moisture to a very dry scalp, or even used in a hair treatment for dry/damaged hair.

I could go on for days about my love for Shea Butter but just a quick Google search and you will see why it's truly an awesome butter! 

Eekca Brand 8 oz's for $7.50 or 16 oz's for $13.50 HERE
The above listed company also sells African Black Soap 8 oz's for $8 or 16 oz's for $14.50 HERE

Watch Their Video On The Many Uses Below

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤

Longer Fuller Lashes Without The Need For Falsies?

I love my falsies just as much as the next makeup junkie, but let's just admit it, they are a pain in the butt! I found a new product called Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes and I think I am going to be giving them a try. Look at these pics from the website and tell me you wouldn't want lashes like this without having to apply falsies! 

Just brush em on like mascara! Super easy! And I am super lazy so that's a plus in my book lol. They boast a 300% increase in thickness and volume while still looking natural. I love the way the length of them in the above pic looks! Not to mention they are water resistant! I can see these topping off a gorgeous bridal look without the worry of tears smudging your makeup or falsies lifting. 

I will definitely be giving these a try. How about you ladies? If you want to join me in this new find then check it out at

The company is called Younique (I think that's such a cute and creative name) and this product costs $29. Although it's above my normal frugal price point, I always say a great investment is worth it and I believe this product is worth it! Also this month FREE SHIPPING for $50 or more.

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤

Homemade Treatment That Helps Prolong Highlights, Heal Scalp Issues, Or Help With Thinning Hair!

Have you heard of Lemongrass essential oil? I had never heard of it until I did some reading on how to prolong the life of highlights. Then I went on to read about the many uses of it for hair besides highlight preservation. It also helps balance oily hair and scalp, helps promote volume in thinning hair, and can even heal bacterial infections of the scalp and skin. 

For the purpose of this post I will just be giving a recipe on a homemade hot oil treatment using the Lemongrass essential oil, but I encourage you with any of the problems I listed above, to look deeper into this oil and see if it can help you. I will most likely be posting more recipes in the future using this oil as it seems to be a diversely useful oil. 

You Will Need:
Carrier oil (coconut, jojoba, grapeseed, or almond oil) 
Lemongrass essential oil

*Measurements: 1 teaspoon of your carrier oil per 1-2 drops of the Lemongrass essential oil. Tailor this amount according the length of your hair. 

Step 1: Measure the oil according to the amount needed as stated above.
Step 2: Warm the oil in the microwave or on the stove. Be careful not to overheat the oil. You want it warm but not scorching.
Step 3: Add essential oil based on the amount needed as stated above.
Step 4: Work this oil through damp, towel dried hair.
Step 5: Wrap in a shower cap and let sit for at least one hour then shampoo out using a gentle shampoo.   


XOXO - Angel Lee ❤  

Wear MeMoi Shapewear Cami's When Wearing Blazers This Fall Season

MeMoi Shapewear and Legwear company makes some gorgeous cami's that look spectacular when worn under blazers. No one will know its shapewear, but you will look slimmer and sexier! This fall season you could look amazing in either of my top two current favorites:

SlimLuxe Lace Cami $50 HERE
Leopard Shaping Cami $40 HERE

Don't forget to enter their Cancun Vacation which includes Round Trip Airfare for 2 and Hotel stay for 5 days! Enter here

MeMoi offers:
Leg Warmers
Plus Sizes  

Happy Shopping & Good Luck In The Contest!!

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤ ~ Unique Pieces Found For $40 Or Less!

I joined a website a few weeks back called and bookmarked it for later "window shopping". Today out of boredom while sipping on my morning coffee, I decided to look around. While I found the normal everyday fashions you can find elsewhere, I also came across some unique pieces I wanted to share with you loves. From what I noticed the site runs very similar to sites Ebay or Amazon, but it looks much more fashion forward and clean. It was also similar because you could list both new and used items, set up a storefront, "envy" items, etc. Anyway enough of my babbling, check out the cute items I found!

$19.99 HERE

$17.99 HERE

$21.99 HERE

$22.99 HERE

$17.99 HERE

$9.99 HERE

$17.99 HERE

$18 HERE

$25.11 HERE

$19.99 HERE

$32.50 HERE

$28 HERE

$34.99 HERE

$35 HERE

$26 HERE

$13 HERE

I saw so many cute, unique styles that it was hard to pick just a few to show you. There are literally thousands of things I could have put up here, but that would just be Fashion OverKill....LOL! 

Happy Shopping!

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤

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