Shopping From Your Phone "Twitter Style"?!

Yup! You read that title correctly my loves! There is an awesome new app out called Shale that let's you shop from your phone "twitter style". What does this actually mean? Well, to better explain, Shale is an online marketplace where people can shop or sell anything and everything fashionable with just the click of a button! See a shirt you love? A watch you just have to have? A pair of shoes screaming your name? Just click Buy Now and satisfy that shopping craving asap! They also have the option where you can click on the name of the shop and it sends you to the store's site. I downloaded it today and spent quite a few hours window shopping. (I'm weak for fashion and can't help myself LOL).  

They have some awesome other features too, like searching locally for fashion based on where you live, so you can find things and get them right away! I also loved the "Friends" feature where you can connect your Facebook and Twitter so you can Love, Like, and Share with all your friends. Or even make some new "fashion slave" buddies :)  

Here is the link to sign up or you could just download the app right onto your phone from the app store, search "Shale". Check them out on Facebook at and follow them on Twitter

Happy Shopping!

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤  


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