Love At First Sight ~ Purses!

It was love at first sight on! I saw these 2 purses that come in a wide array of colors and they just screamed my name! Ladies you know that can't sleep, can't eat, butterflies in your tummy feeling? Well look at these purses and tell me your heart doesn't skip a beat looking at these sexy things!!

Art. No. 83-1502 Handbag $24.95 HERE
Look at this color selection! The leopard print one screamed for me! Unfortunately at the moment only 2 of the 6 are available online (boooooo!), the Black and the Brown. The website said "Coming Soon" so I am waiting and watching! I will be purchasing the black one for now though in the meantime. Can't just not get at least one of them to keep me company until my Leopard Print love becomes available! (Shhhh don't tell on me!) 

Art. No. 75-8488 Bag $24.95 HERE
Now if you read my blog you know that I did a post entitled "WTBT - Designer Looks For Less - JustFab Edition", that showed a bag from Proenza Schouler priced at $1,325 that I compared to JustFab's "Petite Hudson" priced at $59. Well my loves, as soon as I saw this bag I immediately thought back to that Proenza Schouler bag and thought "here is an even cheaper inspired version!". So yes stop on over to that post and compare for yourselves. This is definitely a Want This, Buy This - Look for Less bag! I love the red one and think it would make an awesome upgrade to an everyday small briefcase bag you may currently be carrying. 

So loves what do you guys think of my new crushes?! I think my Leopard Print love is the sexiest of them all! LOL :) 

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤  


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In total love with the red one!! :D

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