Garden Goddess Bodycare Review & Demonstration (Vegan & All Natural)

Garden Goddess BodyCare is an all natural, vegan products producing company owned and operated by a woman named Amy. Her store description reads, "Our soaps are 100% vegan, and made with high quality ingredients, including organic olive oil, organic coconut oil and cocoa butter for extra conditioning and NO palm oil. Formulated for gentle cleansing that is mild enough to not dry out the skin, and suitable for all ages. Many of the ingredients in our soaps come straight from the garden and are made with natural essential oils- not harsh perfumes and synthetic chemicals. We believe that once you try our handmade, natural soaps that you won't want to go back to the alternative."

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I had my sister be my "hand model" and try the products for me. I photographed and took notes on all her descriptions. The below are the reviews and demonstration photos. 

This bar smelled wonderful! The smell of lemongrass and rosewood was noticeable yet so subtle as not to be unpleasant. Surprisingly this bar also contains patchouli, but it's not noticeable. Which is great because I am not a fan of patchouli at all. LOL. The lather was very nice and soft. After rinsing it off your skin feels soft and silky. That softness and silkiness lasts. Even after trying out the other soaps, body wash, and lotion my sister said this was her favorite because of how soft it made her skin feel long after it was washed off. I give this one an A+!

This bar was one of both my sister and mine's least favorite out of the 5 products. It was very moisturizing and lathered beautifully, but the smell just was not our favorite. It contains lavender, rosemary, thyme, and sage picked right from Amy's garden. If this is a smell you enjoy then you will love this bar!  

This was a sweet and floral scent. The lather and scent were both great. No complaints on this one at all. The flower shape made this all the more enjoyable. It's just so pretty! I almost didn't even want to try it just so I could set it out as decoration instead LOL. A great buy!

I will be singing the praises of this body wash for months to come! The scent was amazing! It literally smelled like fresh citrus and mint. Good enough to eat! The lather reminded me of Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap. Not overly sudsy like most chemical filled body washes, but just enough to make you feel squeaky clean. It rinsed beautifully with no film left behind, and my sister noted that she felt the tingle of the mint. She said it was another favorite besides the Lemongrass bar. This is a definite must try!

This had to be our most disliked product, even though it is the "sibling" of the vanilla lemongrass bar we loved so much! However, let me state that due to the fact that I do not like patchouli, that may be just my bias opinion. If you enjoy that scent, then this is the lotion for you. It is wonderfully moisturizing and does a great job at making your skin feel silky smooth, but the patchouli being not our  favorite made this our least favorite of the 5 products.

That completes the review for Garden Goddess Bodycare. As with any brand it had it's hit and misses, but I must say it's "hit's" made it all worth it! It is a brand I would recommend others try. Especially the Lemon Mint Body Wash! That one stole my heart. 

Visit Garden Goddess Bodycare by clicking HERE.

XoXo - Angel Lee 


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