BGel New One-Step Gel Polish

Ok loves so we all know going to the salon costs major bucks and takes time out of our busy schedules, so why not do it at home?! Save the money, save the hassle, save the drama for yo momma! LOL! BGel is a new gel polish that is a one-step process, is safer than most other gels on the market, and leaves you with a longer lasting finish. There are 67 colors to choose from and the website I found them on even sells trial and starter kits! The bottles of gel cost $11 each which is cheaper than most of the ones I have seen out there that range from  about $20 and up.
I will be trying this brand since my last experience with gel nails was too pricey and I didn't like how my nails felt afterwards. Let me know if any of you loves will be trying it too so we can compare. Also if you already tried this brand, did you like it or dislike it and why?

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤    


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