Home Remedies for Sunburn

Too much fun in the sun? Fell asleep on your beach towel? Forgot to touch up you sunscreen? All of these things has happened to each of us at least once or twice in our lifetime and the results were lobster red burnt skin! So now that we look like cooked lobster tails what do we do? Well you could go to the store and spend money on chemical laden burn sprays or head to the kitchen and do it yourself!

Depending on the severity of your burn you may need to use more than just one of the remedies. Remember not to peel, scratch, or irritate the skin further. Also, under no circumstances should you ever pop a blister! That can lead to a nasty infection!

Potato Remedy: Grate two or more potatoes and apply the "juice" from the potato and grated potato pieces to the burn. When the grated potato is dry then remove and go rinse off in a cool shower. If you have areas that are more severe, then you could apply the mixture above to clean gauze and apply to the area a few times daily.

Aloe Vera Remedy: This is the one most of us know and use; I know I do. Because pure aloe vera is the best, you can have an aloe vera plant that you keep all summer long or you can buy fresh aloe vera leaves from your local all natural foods market. Slice the aloe vera leaf open and apply the "gel" to the burned area. Another option is bottled aloe vera gel or jelly. Most of the time you can get this anywhere. At my local market I get the one that is the Lily of the Desert brand Aloe Vera Gel. I keep it in the refrigerator so it's cool and feels great on my skin after I've been in the sun. I don't only use this on sunburn, I use it every time I've been in the sun.

Oatmeal Remedy: Place 2-3 cups all natural oats (not the minute/instant kind) into a cool bath. Make sure the water is not ice cold, as that can send your body into shock. Soak for about 20 minutes and air dry. Try not to use a towel to rub down your skin because that can further irritate it. If you have to use a towel then pat dry only.

Black Tea Remedy: Steep a pot of black tea. Place in the refrigerator to cool. Then place into a spray bottle and spritz onto skin as needed. This will help promote healing, reduce inflammation, and decrease redness. 

Honey Remedy: Honey is particularly a great remedy if you have blisters or burst blisters as it's antibacterial properties are amazing! Spread a thin layer of honey around the blister area or directly onto the blister if it has burst. Do this as often as necessary to help speed up the healing process. Another option is to spread it onto gauze and cover the blister area. You don't want to do that all day though, because the blister area needs to "breathe".

Witch Hazel Remedy: Witch Hazel is some pretty great stuff to have on hand at all times! It makes an excellent toner, soothes skin irritations, and slows down minor bleeding. (Might want to tell your hubby that last part for when he nicks himself shaving). Witch Hazel with Rose Water is preferably my favorite because it smells so good. Just spritz directly onto the skin wherever you are sunburned as needed.

Cucumber Remedy: Cucumbers are great for more than just your diet and puffy under eye bags. Place slices onto burned skin or mash and apply the "juice" onto burned areas. Repeat as often as necessary.

Any other tips and tricks you know of? Share in the comments below so we can all learn something new.

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤  


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