Men Learn How to Stock Your Bathroom Cabinet

For men I know the task of stocking your bathroom cabinet can be confusing and utterly daunting. What products to use? What's your skin type? What do all these products do? Why do I need anything else besides soap, deodorant, and tooth paste? (Which you most definitely do!) What is this squishy scrub thing? And the questions just go on from there. That's why I am going to break it down for you into segments and let you know some basics of what you need to care for that sexy body of yours! Don't worry I won't go into the products that break the bank with this post, I will keep it drugstore budget friendly. 

Now whether you have Tarzan locks, a short business cut, or a buzz cut, you need to take care of that mane. Baldies are a little luckier when it comes to this, but you still have to take care of that scalp! (I will post another blog all about bald heads and how to take care of them another time.) 
For hair care you should at the very minimum have the following:
• Shampoo & Conditioner - A good shampoo and conditioner can be a 2 in 1 product if you're a man on the go. One that I've seen alot of men go for is AXE brand, $5.99 They even sell a Shampoo + Conditioner specifically if you have dandruff. 
• Styling Product With SPF - If you work outdoors under the harsh conditions you are being exposed to damaging sun rays that can burn your scalp, dry your hair, and even make your hair brittle. Not to mention pollution, dust, dirt, etc. A good option for you would be the new AXE Crew Cut Buzzed Look Cream with Sunscreen SPF 15 $9.99 or
• If you wear hats a lot you can get away with using products without SPF such as Aussie Men Texturizing Wax or Aussie Maximum Hold Gel for Men $5.99 each
• Brush or Comb - Depending on your hair type you should already have a good brush or comb you prefer. At the very least get yourself a cheap plastic comb from the dollar store to comb through tangles and knots. 

• Cleansing - DO NOT USE SOAP! I cannot stress enough how bad rough, drying, chemical laden soap is for your face. Instead use a face wash like Every Man Jack Face Wash or if you have acne prone/oily skin try Every Man Jack Face Wash Skin Clearing, 2% Salicylic Acid Acne Cleanser both $5.99
• Shaving - I went all into this topic on my blog post entitled "Male Beauty Recipes & Tips" which you can access by clicking here
• Exfoliating - This is an important key step in removing dead skin cells, which will also prevent ingrown hair and hair bumps caused by clogged pores. Try St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub $3.79
*Note: Limit exfoliating to no more than 3 times per week. Less if your skin is sensitive.
• Moisturizing - No matter what you've been told your body moisturizer is not the same thing you should be using on your face. The face has different needs than the body, thus needing different moisture. Your body lotion may be too thick for your face, causing clogged pores and breakouts. Also it may not contain SPF which is very important for your skin. A good brand to try is Dove Men+Care Face Lotion $7.09 (they have one for hydration, sensitive skin, and one to revitalize).

• Soap/Shower Gel - You probably already have a soap you love, but some suggestions are Old Spice Fresh Collection, Belize $4.99, Softsoap for Men Moisturizing Body Wash $5.49, or Dial for Men 3-D Bar Soap with All Day Odor Defense $6.99 (8 pack)
• Deodorant/Anti-Persperant - If you have normal to light sweating/odor a regular deodorant like Old Spice High Endurance $3.29, should work fine. If you have heavier sweating and odor you may want to try Degree Men Clinical+ Sport Strength $7.99
• Washcloths/Loofah - When showering you want to thoroughly clean the dirt, grim, and dead skin cells so be sure to exfoliate lightly by using a washcloth or loofah. (Loofah's are those fluffy, spongy things. Get one in blue so it can be extra manly LOL). 

Well gentlemen that pretty much covers your basic necessities besides a toothbrush, tooth paste, mouth wash, dental floss, toilet paper, and towels. Stock up and take care of yourself. The ladies love a well groomed man, trust me! 

XOXO - Angel Lee ❤  


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