Male "Beauty" Recipes & Tips

When it comes to male "beauty" there is a stigma attached that all men who pamper or cater to themselves are considered "metro sexual" or it's something that is less than masculine. Let me be the first to say that I for one appreciate a man that takes care of his appearance and skin! I don't think any woman wants to caress skin that feels like an alligator! Or a face that looks so dull and ashy it looks like you got smacked in the face by a bag of flour! No sir, we don't want your skin routine to be longer than ours, or you primp so much that you become a quote unquote "pretty boy", but some attention to self preservation is generally a good idea to keep us seeing you for the smoking hot man you are! ;)

So where to begin you ask? What is a good regime? What are some tried and true methods? Well read on below and pick a few things that appeal to you and go for it! And don't be shy, share this with your buddies on that next guys night! (You'd be surprised just how many of your best male buddies already have a regime going!)


Beer Rinse
This works to rejuvenate dull lifeless hair in 5 easy steps.

  • One can of beer (any brand) at room temperature
Step 1: Shampoo hair as your regularly would.
Step 2: Pour the can of beer over wet hair and massage in.
Step 3: Let sit for a few minutes. (in the meantime practice your best pick up lines to the shower wall lol)
Step 4: Rinse well until water runs clear.
Step 5: Condition as you regularly would. 
Voila! Run your hands through your newly softened silky locks. 

Hair Loss Home Remedy 
This helps to promote healthy and shiny hair growth.

  • Olive Oil 
  • Honey (Use organic if you have it available)
Step 1: Apply a mixture of half olive oil and half honey to your hair (the amount used will depend of the length of your hair).
Step 2: Massage it into the scalp.
Step 3: Leave it on overnight or as long as possible for best results. 
Step 4: Rinse thoroughly (you can shampoo and condition as well).
Note: Use a shower cap or plastic bag to cover your head. If you cannot do this overnight, apply the mixture as soon as you get home from work and leave it on until the very last minute before going to bed. Another option is to do this on a lazy Sunday when you won't be leaving the house, leave the mixture on all day and rinse out before bed.

To Avoid Hair Loss Remedy
This will keep your hair shiny, help prevent it from falling out, and nourish the scalp with essential nutrients.

  • Egg whites
Step 1: Take the whites of an egg or more (the amount used will depend of the length of your hair) and massage the mixture from the scalp to the ends.
Step 2: Let sit for a half hour or more depending on the time you have available. 
Step 3: Rinse out thoroughly. 
Note: Don't forget to wear a cap or hat when going outdoors to protect from the sun and pollution. This also helps slow down/avoid hair loss. 

DIY Barbershop Hot Towel Treatment
Have you ever noticed how relaxing and soothing it feels when the barber puts the hot towel over your face? Here is how to get that same treatment at home every time you shave.  

  • Washcloth
  • Vicks VapoRub
  • Lavender Essential Oil or any other essential oil you prefer (sold at most health food stores or drugstores)
Step 1: Spread a small thin layer of the VapoRub in the center of your towel.
Step 2: Apply a few drops of the essential oil onto the washcloth. 
Step 3: Wet towel.
Step 4: Heat towel. You can do this by:

  • Using very hot water (towel cools off quickly though)
  • Heating in the microwave for 30 second increments in a heat safe glass container or bowl
  • Place towel in a heat safe glass container or bowl and pour slightly boiled water from a teapot, making sure to let it cool down for a few minutes before ringing it out.
Step 5: Place the heated towel on your face and enjoy! Let it rest on your face until it becomes cool. You can also give yourself a mini face massage through the towel as it rests against your beard. 

Aftershave Care
There are a few things you can do after shaving to care for your skin. Caring for the skin properly after shaving can result in smoother, younger, and healthier skin. Also it can slow hair growth and make new hair grow in softer and finer over time.

Alum Block: Its bar-of-soap-sized block of potassium alum that you wet, and rub on your face after shaving. This helps when you have nicks and cuts by shrinking the skins tissues and coagulating (or clotting) blood flow. The link below sells a brand called Geo F. Trumper Block of Alum for about $27. A little goes a long way so this should last you a long time!  
Click -->  Complete Life Supplements

That concludes my first of many to come for male "beauty" care. If there is anything you guys would like me to write about or research for you let me know in the comments below.

XOXO - Angel Lee


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